A&B Biz Connect Co., Ltd, is a Thailand based global tire designer, contract manufacturer & exporter with deep rooted values of giving back to society. It was officially established in 2017. Our team of knowledgeable and experience employees and top management, are endowed with enormous expertise in design (R&D), contract manufacturing, distribution and marketing.
Though a young company, it’s dynamic and expanding with industry leading double digit growth.


We provide our value customers with the best value in the form of Quality, Reliability, Agility, Flexibility and Efficiency. Our team of engineers use the latest know-how, materials and state-of-the-art technology to make products that our consumers can count and rely on. We make use of a manufacturing/sourcing footprint that comprises 18 facilities spanning across 6 countries. Each facility is a strategic centre of excellence. This enables us to provide, both speed and flexibility to our customers. We can go from Design to Market in under 180 days.
To further ensure quality consistency in manufacturing we periodically conduct both internal and external audits through world renowned audit firms.
We are conscious of the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Hence all our synergic manufacturing/sourcing facilities, comply with the highest regulatory certifications. Also, PAH free oils are used in our products and comply with stringent European and worldwide tyre manufacturing and quality standards.


We equally enjoy a growing global presence with products being sold across continents through different synergic sales offices and our centralised and multi-lingual customer service team provides a smooth and friendly experience to our customers.
Our customers mainly include Fleet companies, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and Government institutions around the globe.
With our wide and expansive range of products from nearly all A and B-brands for Truck and Bus Radial tire (TBR), Passengers Car Radial Tires (PCR), Truck & Bus Bias Tires (TBB), OTR tire, Agricultural tire, Industrial tire and Others, we cover a great majority of segments and markets.


We want to design, manufacture/source, and market and distribute products that exceed our customers’ expectation in both performance, quality & value.
We want to create value for all our partners by redefining the value segment:

  • We focus on the value segment by providing customers with top quality value for money products and services at affordable prices and cutting inefficiency in the value chain.
  • We provide the widest range of commercial and consumer tyres that cover all types of vehicles, applications and seasons.
  • We focus on innovation to provide customers with the latest products in terms of both design and function.


Since our inception, we have stood for certain values that define who we are as an organization, what we do and most importantly how we do what we do.
Over time these values have become deeply rooted in us and are portrayed in our thoughts, our processes, our work culture and interaction with our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, partners and the society at large. We are proud of our value system as today, they shape and define us in every aspects of our business life.

We believe in walking the talk by doing what we preach.
These are demonstrated in our business processes and interaction with all stakeholders, including the environment in which we operate.


As an organization we believe in being proactive in our approach from the phase of nursing ideas, decision making, product development and time to market, to identifying trends early. We anticipate, adapt and act.
We also believe in being flexible particularly towards our customers. This is demonstrated in our payment terms, minimum order quantity requirement and possibility of container assortments.


At A&B, innovation is part of each individual’s job responsibility. Here, everyone is part of an internal movement to launch the organization into a wholly new space. This is helping to unleash the creativity of the entire enterprise, leading to a culture where innovation thrives and is seen across our products and business processes.


We believe that our employees are our greatest assets. We encourage an entrepreneurial environment where each and every individual is empowered to share new ideas, question the status quo, make decisions and assume responsibility. We encourage an environment where it is ok to make mistakes so employees can think and act on their feet and not let fear of failure stop them from trying something new. We strive to create work environment where employees can meet their potentials & thrive in an atmosphere of excellence and meritocracy.


We are currently doing business not just across national borders, but across continents and oceans. This makes us a global organization with a diverse outlook. We foster a multi-cultural environment where people from different origins, ethnicities, races and religious backgrounds thrive and work together to achieve the organizations common goals.


Under concept of Love Earth – Think Earth – Care Earth:
-Focus and select high quality material for long lasting use in order to reduce carbon pollution.
-Encourage Radial tyre rethread under country’s transportation laws and International standards.
-Encourage to recycle scrap tyre to be used in some public facilities, construction and Rubber related products.

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