• Silence during driving
  • Economic in Endurance
  • Comfort and safe

Silence during driving

  • The multi-pitch frequency conversion pattern design, optimized by computer simulation, makes the sound energy disperse evenly to a wider frequency range, avoids the energy gathering in the frequency band which is easily perceived by the human ear, and drives more quietly.

Economic in Endurance

  • Wear-resistant tread formula can effectively improve the running mileage and longevity of tires.
  • Tread block reinforcement improve the strength of pattern block, reduce rolling resistance, more economical and fuel-saving.

Comfort and safe

  • Wide drainage ditch design is adopted to improve the drainage performance of wet and slippery pavement in rainy days.
  • Continuous streamlined transverse pattern ditches can remove water more quickly.
  • The herringbone groove can effectively cut the water film and make the wetland safer to drive.

Performance Mesh Chart

Mesh chart is convenient for intuitive viewing of product performance.

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