• Unique Groove layout
  • Durable large blocks
  • Unique shoulder tread layout
  • Stone ejectors
  • Ply reinforced sidewall

Unique Groove layout

  • Horizontally arranged grooves prevent splitting
  • Staggered tread formation adds sharp appearance and traction capabilities
  • Uniform tread surface ensures maximum road contact and traction

Durable large blocks

  • Large blocks for rough appearances
  • Provides more contact points with the road surface for better handling while minimizing noise.

Unique shoulder tread layout

  • Aggressive shoulder to sidewall blocks for better tractions
  • Wide and functional shoulder layout provides exceptional off-road capability and to self-clean of foreign objects
  • Three dimensional upper sidewall edges add sharper appearance and better sidewall protection

Stone ejectors

  • Protect the grooves from stone drilling while maintaining traction

Ply reinforced sidewall

  • Optimized 3ply construction provide extra protection against impact, overall usage and handling.

Performance Mesh Chart

Mesh chart is convenient for intuitive viewing of product performance.

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