• Superior Dynamics
  • Excellent handling
  • Driving safety

Superior Dymanics

  • Pulse design appearance is more dynamic, while providing more excellent drainage and prevent slippery;
  • Wide patterned blocks with wide pattern grooves, sharp appearance, are very sporty.

Excellent handling

  • Accurate steering tactility provide better handling, grip and predictive driving.
  • Large shoulder pattern block design ensure excellent grip and road adhesion; Shorter braking distance can be achieved under daily weather conditions.

Driving safety

  • Four broad main grooves are designed to play an excellent role in drainage and anti-skid.
  • Asymmetric pattern design in wet and dry pavement control performance has a leading edge;
  • Excellent grip and handling performance when crossing corners to ensure safety.

Performance Mesh Chart

Mesh chart is convenient for intuitive viewing of product performance.

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